Jeffrey Beers International

BONDST Hudson Yards New York, NY

Following the twenty-five-year success of the iconic BONDST in NoHo NYC, a second location has finally opened. BONDST HUDSON YARDS is a true lifestyle hospitality destination for those seeking an elegant and authentic New York experience. It is a perfect place to come drink, eat, and enjoy the iconic restaurant in a new environment. The restaurant features a stylish dining room, comfortable lounge seating, and indoor/outdoor patio surrounded by bamboo plants and modern lanterns. A fourteen-seat bar, 2 elegant private dining rooms, and an open kitchen omakase bar seating for 10.

JBI presents a contemporary reimagining of the Japanese dining experience, thoughtfully curated with traditional Japanese materials. Drawing inspiration from Japanese and modern Asian influences, the design captures a light, contemporary essence, while preserving an inviting warmth and charm. With panoramic vistas of the Hudson River and Heatherwick’s Vessel, the restaurant seamlessly integrates its surroundings, offering patrons an immersive dining experience. The ambiance is meticulously tailored to foster a harmonious blend of sophisticated elegance and social connectivity.

7,160 Square Feet
Restaurant Design
Sean Litchfield