Jeffrey Beers International

Café Boulud New York New York, NY

The Café Boulud brand holds significant meaning to Chef Boulud as it is named after the original Café Boulud which his grandparents opened over 100 years ago outside of Lyon, France. Chef Boulud opened Café Boulud in New York City in 1998 and has since expanded the brand to locations in Palm Beach, the Bahamas, and Toronto.

The bright and airy space is designed by Jeffrey Beers International featuring Art Deco and vintage accents throughout, along with boasting an impressive art program.

The black and white tile and varnished wood flooring is original, as are the vaulted ceilings with decorative, clover-shaped molding. Mirrored panels, velvet green banquets, sculpted bronze, gilded copper, and polished stone add additional accents throughout the restaurant creating an inviting and stylish space.

The art program features a selection of pieces reflecting Chef Boulud’s longstanding connection to New York City’s art world. The restaurant showcases works by famous European artists curated by Galerie Murlot.

Restaurant Design
Bill Milne