Jeffrey Beers International

Peter Luger Las Vegas Las Vegas, NV

Legendary Peter Luger Steak House at Caesars Palace Las Vegas marks the first domestic expansion in over sixty years for the restaurant, which opened its doors in 1887. JBI therefore was tasked with bringing the heritage, look, and feel of the historic Williamsburg restaurant to the Las Vegas theatrical environment and adventures audience.

We worked closely with the Turtel Family, who have owned the restaurant for four generations, to understand Peter Luger’s story, DNA, and soul. The family was incredibly hands on in selecting materials and approving custom designed lighting and furniture to ensure each detail was an accurate depiction of the original restaurant. To honor the restaurant’s original location, we curated and installed black and white photography of Williamsburg by contemporary artist Gregoire Abrial.

To appeal to the Las Vegas visitor, we magnified key design elements, such as strikingly dark wood flooring and impressively sized brass chandeliers, for drama and incorporated an expo kitchen for added entertainment and atmosphere.

8,770 sq ft
Restaurant Design
Caesar's Palace