Jeffrey Beers International

Estiatorio Milos Dubai Atlantis The Royal, Dubai

Recognized as one of the finest Mediterranean seafood restaurants in the world,  Chef Costas Spiliadis introduces gourmands to high-end Hellenic food, wine and hospitality that is infused with a philosophy of simplicity at Estiatorio Milos Dubai. More than just an exquisite meal, an experience at Milos encompasses the time-honored virtue of hospitality and embracing dining as an act of sharing. Every dish from the freshly caught fish and Greek wild oysters to the ceviches and tzatziki are presented in their purest form with a brush of Aegean rock salt or a drizzle of olive oil from centuries old Koroneiki olive trees, accentuating the natural flavors and freshness of the ingredients.

Partnering with our friends at Milos and architects KPF, we created this stand-alone structure at the center of the resort as a backdrop and ultimate viewing platform for the resorts feature water and fire show element.  With massive operable doors and souring windows, the restaurant interior blends seamlessly with the exterior and terraced pool side dining platforms.  The simplicity of materials, attention to detail with form following function, the interior design expresses the ethos of the Milos cuisine – simple ingredients of the highest quality shared communally with family and friends.

Restaurant Design
Brandon Barré