Jeffrey Beers International

TOY New York


A fluid environment that transitions from a restaurant to a nightclub over the course of a day, Toy was originally conceived as a pop-up space within the Gansevoort hotel in Manhattan. Toy transports guests into a surreal kaleidoscopic world, inspired by the notion that a restaurant can be as changeable as fashion. The “transformation” theme that defines Toy is expressed through its design, which intentionally plays with layers, texture, light, and graphics. Its centerpiece is a 1,500-pound fractal ceiling constructed from hundreds of mirror-faced triangles. The fractal ceiling not only transforms the space architecturally, but also is a vehicle for digital mapping projections, which are able to recognize the shape and surface of each mirrored surface, as well as the fragmented design of the DJ booth. The effect is powerful and sustainably-minded; rather than using materials to transform a space, Toy utilizes technology to entertain guests with playful and transformative imagery that complements its hybrid nature.

106 seats | 2,000 sqft